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DNS delegation of updated:


We pick, one of the 13 root servers (1), and ask it about and learn that sex is delegated to six name servers (2), so we ask and get the following answer:

Authoritative answer

ANSWER for"your dns configuration needs immediate attention see"
3600 A127.0.53.53 points to
3600SRV10 10 0
3600 MX 10 use as mail server.
3600RRSIG\# 151 0010070100000e1055b347f555978a65492303736578003c2341c194f5ca090bba5fb332766415718a42455eee9e87bcf90d6e4cbd371eef8843e2a21e935b2d73e6aabc06f38b6ece2317e83e0ad10f5361ecd8a15aa106cab8695d06d358cc74ae87c44f3aaa08fd254437449943d2ecc4b3d14410a6e9cf165b9f1c4d3c0f6308042781f7128b715bd1b831551cf2cab49965e5a537
3600RRSIG\# 151 0001070100000e1055b347f555978a654923037365780004e6d775da96bc8d21f2a78a7de3b96148fd86a12b722f81ffe51283f45e01a37cc9e42089859805a292ee92acaced73176c99e1541361a7e773066c80b144d37143f6c0c0728170a0bd4174c723dcf91d2badcf5550c11422c2065e4c2f5851b091e52075c2e9d91fb2209275665de84e07f8ffa76c240bdf7f6e34d448ecbf
3600RRSIG\# 151 0021070100000e1055b347f555978a65492303736578002440c5398e5bec37eae21424a89d6c5bd3c120bef9cba4b0bbff6923feb2b8086ce28447b8bc57db5e1c3a73aca4c6f3bd218222dcd95e42d99156517bfbbdc8e2f2e09bbccc31350d715e2ddbec4cf860f78c9b710866180113843e3656fde3874c68e2d1ebce0a51ad2da7119e0feb579997a0e42d996ca15ef3dc2f433de3
3600RRSIG\# 151 000f070100000e1055b347f555978a65492303736578002ad0e19481877bda5518477cb9a683cd31e3f63fcd4b5336a108427427c10c93bebd7db97adfe19d5192ea6cc6297899c2df2656b556fea473878ec1608b932ae7de88b840b9ed9067e53ae87704aba31d826c08dc0d9768836cfb7b0d0765af0ecba0e0354acb6ea192804e730fb3735fa2169b93ddd558c45a744c23dc1d02
sex.86400 NS sex use as name server.
86400 NS sex use as name server.
86400 NS sex use as name server.
86400 NS sex use as name server.
86400 NS sex use as name server.
86400 NS sex use as name server.
ADDITIONAL for A127.0.53.53 A199.115.152.1 A199.115.156.1 A199.115.153.1 A199.115.157.1 A199.115.154.1 A199.115.155.1 AAAA2001:500:a0::1 AAAA2001:500:a4::1 AAAA2001:500:a1::1 AAAA2001:500:a5::1 AAAA2001:500:a2::1 AAAA2001:500:a3::1

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